Inter-ConneX is not owned by a Freight Forwarder and we are committed to supporting all members in finding their overseas match.

Open Philosophy

No Forwarder is the best at all markets (even though many claim to be). Member variety allows members to find their best solution for each market.

Global Partners

A variety of global Forwarders make up our Network that is at your disposal.

Why Choose Interconnex

One Global & Neutral Brand

The logistics industry is still a people’s business. Though logistics integrates technology in a rapid pace, it will remain a key ingredient to have matching overseas partners help to deliver the best possible service to the shipping industry. Choosing the right partner and building the partnership takes time, patience and a personal touch to know your overseas counterparts. Inter-ConneX was created as a platform for its members to meet like-minded overseas Forwarders and participate in a global brand to stay relevant in the ever-growing competition to the multinational companies.

Our Members

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Become a Founding Member


Upon sign up our members will immediately enjoy the following benefits

  • Gain access to a network with global logistics specialists
  • Well organized annual networking conferences to discuss new and existing business with Inter-ConneX members and guest attendees
  • Customer Service – a Matching Service. Always happy to assist our members in finding a partner in foreign countries - we create INTERnational CONNEXions.
  • Tailormade IT solutions for member use and conference support
  • Neutral arbitration on member disputes
Special Vendor/Partner relationships available to our members
  • Access to special rates with vendors to the logistics industry (IT, Marketing, Financial, etc)
  • Free participation in global payment platform that allows free of charge funds transfers between members

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Ms. Grace Kuo Regional Sales Manager
Mr. Matthew Jones Administration Manager

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